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CZ 455 LUX II cal. 22 WMR 5‐round magazine barrel 630mm

CZ 455 LUX II cal. 22 WMR 5‐round magazine barrel 630mm

Česká zbrojovka

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Numer katalogowy: 5074‐8802‐DEDMAAX

Stan produktu: Nowy

Gwarancja: Gwarancja producenta

Kaliber: .22 WMR

Cena: 2 130,00 zł

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This elegant rimfire rifle in a classic design has a 630 mm long barrel with tangent sights and a walnut stock with elegant checkering and sling swivels. The cz 455 lux is an ideal choice for the lovers of a traditional rifle.

The CZ 455 LUX II is a rimfire rifle in a traditional design for hunting and sport shooting. The stock of traditional length is made of lacquered turkish walnut, chosen especially for its particularly beautiful figure.The stock has a distinct pistol grip and slightly rounded comb for quick and convenient aiming. It also has a thick rubber buttplate which contributes to the high shooting comfort. The laser etched checkering on the pistol grip and forend guarantees a comfortable and reliable grip even when handled by sweaty or contaminated hands.

- hammer forged barrel 630 mm long
- turkish walnut stock
- tangent rear sight adjustable up to 200 m
- a stock in a traditional hunting design

Its Lordship CZ 455 Lux II

Small-bore rifles, that is, short and long firearms with rifled bores using rimfired .22 calibre cartridges (at present also .17), have enjoyed unceasing popularity among the worldwide shooting public for more than a century now. Thanks to the wide offer of accurate and, if necessary, also powerful cartridges, the present use of small-bore rifles is highly varied - they are successfully used for practice shooting, condition shooting, hunting, various types of sport target shooting, including modern dynamic disciplines, and, last but not least, for fun. Even at times of economic turmoil, when the shooting public carefully wages each and every expense, the interest in these weapons rises and more and more interesting new models emerge every year. Even Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod, a traditional key global player in this segment of the market, does not stand aside in this trend.

This weapon producer from Uherský Brod has attained a worldwide recognition with its excellent model series ZKM (Brno), or CZ 452, whose production started in the middle of 1960s. The exceptionally successful ZKM was offered in several dozens of variants and a wide range of calibres, and several generations of shooters grew with them. At the end of the first decade of the new millennium, Česká zbrojovka carried out a modernization, resulting in the new CZ 455 series with technological and user features of the 21st century.

On the one side, small-bore rifles CZ 455 have gradually replaced the CZ 452 models, and on the other side, completely new weapons are presented, previously not seen in the offer by Česká zbrojovka. Thanks to the modular design of these weapons, both the producer and the user have extensive options in this area, and it is no problem to build a weapon with utterly unique parameters at an acceptable cost. For all that, the CZ 455 small-bore rifles maintain a high level of safety, durability next to indestructibility and the ultimate accuracy of their predecessors, not speaking of their general user-friendly features, including easy controlling, simple maintenance and pleasant grip.

Small-bore rifles for tradition lovers

As part of replacement of the CZ 452 models, several weapons have emerged in the CZ portfolio that appeal to customers focused on tradition. These customers prefer the classical design of their small-bore rifle nearing to a large-bore rifle, and they use such a weapon for condition shooting as well as for vermin reduction. This is reflected by the choice of calibres: the primary ammunition is a classical cartridge 22 LR, followed by the hunting classic 22 WMR or its younger high-velocity sister 17 HMR.

So far, the company from Uherský Brod has addressed shooters with such preferences especially with the model CZ 455 Lux, where the CZ 455 system is “bonneted” in a varnished stock of selected Turkish wallnut with engravings on the pistol grip. This weapon has been distinguished for its cold-forged barrel with the length of 525 mm, which is the new standard length of CZ small-bore rifles, ensuring high accuracy with more compact size. Other characteristic features of the CZ 455 Lux model included LPA rear sight with right-angled notch and the possibility of vertical and lateral adjustment.

Nevertheless, for more conservative users emphasising longer barrels with anticipated higher power and accuracy (although the differences between the given ammunition types are in reality almost impossible to measure), Česká zbrojovka introduces in 2014 several models with 630 mm long barrels whose appearance, length and weight remind of the standard weapons of the original CZ 452 family and which utilize all improvements applied to the CZ 455 small-bore rifles. Moreover, people in Uherský Brod have noted that some customers nostalgically look back to the rear sector sight. Although the new compact LPA rear sight provides an excellent aiming pattern, it is true that if somebody needs to reset it more frequently, the good old steel rear leaf sight has its indisputable advantages.

Selected wallnut wood, long barrel

So, the models CZ 455 Long, CZ 455 Ultra Match and, most recently, CZ 455 Lux II have been created. As the name of the latter suggests, it is a tradition design small-bore rifle with a varnished stock of Turkish wallnut. The manufacturer takes care to select wood featuring a texture of exquisite beauty for this precious model. The stock is shaped in accordance with the latest standard used in Uherský Brod, and so, it features a distinctive pistol grip and a slightly rounded ridge of the butt, ensuring quick and comfortable aiming. The high shooting comfort is further enhanced by a higher butt of the stock.

The Lux II model features laser engravings on the pistol grip as well as on the fore-end and it has the form of several fields, ensuring a comfortable and reliable gripping with sweaty or dirty hands. The bottom part of the butt and fore-end contain usual sling swivels.

The cold-forged barrel with six-groove right-hand rifling is 630 mm long, as mentioned earlier, and it bears a steel segment (leaf) rear sight and a front sight with a protector. The barrel muzzle can be provided with threading for assembly of a silencer, which is mandatory in many countries. It is worth noting that the design of CZ 455 small-bore rifles is characterized by free-floating barrel, which adds to high accuracy of all weapons from this series.

The CZ 455 Lux II model is sold in calibres 22 LR and 22 WMR, and its basic accessories include a plastic 5-round magazine, with an option of purchase of an additional 10-round magazine.

The Lord of Small-Bore Rifles

Although there are various views of aesthetics of weapons, in the case of the CZ 455 Lux II model it will most likely be generally agreed that it is a beautiful rifle. It features the classical beauty where nothing is missing and nothing is in excess. Its longer barrel, naturally, contributes to the overall parameters, so if somebody often elbows through bushes or counts every inch in the cramped space of a high-seat, they will probably appreciate rather the more compact dimensions of the CZ 455 Lux version. However, customers for whom elegance and balanced dimensions matter in selecting a weapon will undoubtedly be attracted by Lux II. It is no chance that Česká zbrojovka has decorated this rifle with the honorary title of “The Lord of Small-Bore Rifles”. Though it may sound a bit bombastic, it really is no exaggeration.

Let us wish Its Lordship CZ 455 Lux II plenty of luck in the market, because this excellent and beautiful weapon truly deserves it.

Waga: 2,90 Kg
Kaliber: .22 WMR (16")
Kolba: orzech włoski
Zasilenie systemu: odpinany magazynek
Celownik: regulowany
Mechanizm spustowy: regulowany
Lufa: kuta na zimno
Szerokość: 69 mm
Przymocowany magazynek: -
Pojemność magazynku: 5
Cheekpiece No
Wysokość: 215 mm
Całkowita długość: 1085 mm
Długość lufy: 630 mm

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